Donut terms and conditions

Terms and conditions donuts

Bad weather? Change the date free of charge

If the KNMI or Meteoconsult predicts bad weather on the day of the reservation you can change the date and time up to two hours in advance, free of charge. You can do this as often as is necessary to find good Donut-weather. If you arranged a BBQ-package you can change the date up to 24 hours in advance, free of charge. If you cancel later than that, the costs for the BBQ-package are due and you can pick up the BBQ-package at the caterer.

The weather prediction has to be for the Zwolle area and be up to date (1 day before your reservation). Bad weather refers to thunderstorms and/or longer rains.

Bad weather alternative

In case you can’t reschedule for a different date, we’ll offer an alternative. For the PhotoFun-Donut, Donut Grachten Game and Lounge-Donut we’ll offer a land-based alternative. Options are Geocaching (PhotoFun-Donut and Lounge-Donut alternative) or The Mole (Donut Grachten Game alternative). The alternatives we can offer are based on availability. And alternative will be charged for the same amount the original reservation was for.


The minimum age for operating the boat is 21 years old. The helmsman have to be able to show identification. It’s not allowed for helmsman to consume alcohol and/or drugs. Only the helmsman that have been registered as helmsman are allowed to operate the Donut.

The Donut can only be used as a floating and sailing terrace.

Food and Beverages
You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks on board of the Donut.

Excess and damages

The compulsory excess for damage to the Donut or third party is € 500,00 per donut. The helmsman will receive an agreement to sign. If the Donut comes back with damages and/or missing inventory these damages will be charged. The inventory will be charged at the replacement value and the damages according to the damage report by the insurance agent.

Too late

If you’re back later than the booked timeslot, a minimum of one extra hour worth of Donut rental will be charged (€ 75,00 an hour).

Cleaning costs

If you bring back the Donut very dirty, you will be charged with € 35,00 of extra cleaning costs.

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De BBQ Donut

Prijs donut: € 195 (€ 161,16 ex BTW)
Maximum deelname: 10 personen
Duur: 2,5 uur

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De Vechtvaarder en BarbecueBoot

Prijs: € 12,50 pp (€ 11,47 ex BTW)
Minimum deelname: 25 personen
Duur: 1 uur

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discgolf dalfsen

Tipi tent

Prijs: € 75 (€ 61,98 ex BTW)
Groepen tot: 80 personen
Duur: 1 uur

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