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Combination downriver canoe tour and walk

Combination downriver canoe tour and walk

1) You go downriver to Vechterweerd by canoe and walk across the dyke back to Dalfsen (3 hours total). Don’t forget to stop at tea garden ‘Boerhoes’ on the way!
2) By train from Dalfsen to Ommen. You walk from the Ommen station trough the gorgeous Reggedal around 7 km to Vilsteren. Here a canoe will we waiting for you to paddle downriver to Dalfsen (around 5 hours in total, excludes a € 2,98 train ticket)


  • € 12,00 per person for 3 people in a Canadian canoe
  • € 16,00 per person for 2 people in a Canadian canoe
  • € 19,75 per 1-person kayak

The Canadian canoes are extra stable. Life jackets and dry bags are included. You can take as long as you want, the price will stay the same.

Practical information

Pricing: € 12 per person
Minimum participants: 3 people
Duration: 3 -5 hours

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