Lounge Donut

Lounge Donut

Relax in the middle of nature on the Vecht near Dalfsen, it’s a treat! A Donut is a round boat that seats 10 people comfortably. There is 1 Donut in Dalfsen and 3 in Zwolle, so there a group of 30 people can go out onto the water at the same time. The Donuts in Zwolle are propelled by quiet electrical engines and the one in Dalfsen by a 6 horsepower petrol engine.

The price is € 70 an hour. It’s possible to rent in 30-minute increments, with a minimum of 1 hour.

Food and beverages

Bring your own snacks and drinks or let us spoil you.  We’re happy to take care of lunch or snacks for you on the Donut.

Drinks and snacks on the Donut 

Pretzels, nuts, cheese, sausage and olives
Price: € 5,75 per person
Drinks will be charged based on actual consumption.
Minimum of 8 people

Lunch on the Donut

The lunch includes generous sandwiches based on 3 sandwiches each. We’ll also provide an assortment of drinks and coffee or tea.
Price: € 10,50 per person
Drinks will be charged based on actual consumption
Minimum of 8 people

Read the Donut terms and conditions

Practical information

Pricing Donut: € 70
Maximum participants 10 people
Duration: 1 hour

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