The BBQ Donut

The BBQ Donut

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Bbq with your group while floating around in the middle of nature at the Vecht der Dalfsen, it’s the ultimate summer feeling!
You can choose to bring your own food and beverages. In that case you also need to bring plates, cutlery, glasses and bbq tools.

Rental BBQ Donut: € 175
Cleaning and coals: € 20 per donut
Duration: 2,5 hours

Would you prefer to have us take care of the food and drinks? In that case the table will be set and the Donut filled with great BBQ food en an assortment of drinks.

Pricing BBQ package: € 18,50 per person, excluding drinks and including plates, cutlery and BBQ tools.

The Donut

This round boat is easy to skipper and 10 people can have a comfortable and fun BBQ. There are 4 Donuts, 1 in Dalfsen and 3 in Zwolle, so there a group of 30 people can go out onto the water at the same time. In Zwolle the boats use a quiet electric engine en there is no parasol on the Donut due the height of the bridges. In Dalfsen the donut is propelled by a 6 horsepower petrol engine and the Donut does come with a parasol.

Read the Donut terms and conditions

Practical information

Rental Donut: € 175
Maximum participants: 10 people
Duration: 2,5 hours